Great body paint
Once upon a time, if you were interested in latex or rubber clothing, then the IAR (International association of Rubberists) website was the place to go. [...]
This lady is not enjoying her experience too much, but she tries:
Great party outfit
Bendy girl
This is Russian model Zlata: As you can see, she has an unusual gift. She is the world’s most bendy woman. In addition, she is not afraid of a bit of [...]
Don’t you just love e-mail
Hi! Behind a window spring, all starts to blossom. But in my heart so it is empty and lonely… And I would like heat. And I have dared, to find to [...]
Lady Gaga, it appears, is trying to get everyone into vomit. She has ben known to vomit herself on stage: [...]
So, we’re in a new year. 2014 is going to be a great fetish year. You heard it here first. Don’t sit there reading. Contact us. In the mean [...]
I have been having some fairly random conversations with my on-line friends. Here’s a short list as a starter: pissing on each other scat play [...]