We think there should be lots of naked magic, but this is rubbish:
Merry Xmas
Those foreigners
Nice video of an almost naked man on kid’s tv:
Naked in public
We love NiP videos. This is longer than many, and claims to record a young lady naked for some days:
Lori B
You don’t often see Lori Buckby full frontal, but here’s a nice video.
Public nudity
We always like public nudity films, though this seems a bit of a cheat: [...]
Lexo II
A couple of people have asked for the Lexo web site. Actually, it’s not hard to find as it seems to be printed on her pictures.
Naked Attraction
Just a reminder to UK viewers that the new series of Naked Attraction starts tonight. Channel 4. Watch in HD.
Nice girl
Love this video of a super girl tied to a bench:
It is always nice when a friend sends you a picture of their parts at random: