I suppose people can find anything erotic, and anything can be a fetish. Feet, cheese, tools…

There are people I know who are only into twins, lesbian twins at that.

I have been shown some clips of people who are supposedly twins, and I take them at face value. Ones like this:

It’s very jerky, but that is how it is. There are some other clips of the same two girls, I suppose, at a younger age. You can find them yourself: Sasha and Pasha (they are Russian). It’s called Twincest, apparently.

Sometimes the twins pleasure each other, sometimes they have other friends. I am sure I saw once a clip of two pairs of twins having a good time.

It’s incest, I suppose. I may also be slightly sceptical about it all. I suppose it can’t be too hard to find girls of a similar age who look vaguely alike…