Naked in public
We love NiP videos. This is longer than many, and claims to record a young lady naked for some days:
Public nudity
We always like public nudity films, though this seems a bit of a cheat: [...]
Lexo II
A couple of people have asked for the Lexo web site. Actually, it’s not hard to find as it seems to be printed on her pictures.
On view
Here’s another nice picture:
Lexo is one of our favourites. She is often out and about with bits freely visible. Wish more people did the same:  
On the bus
I always assume that videos like this are set up: Unless anyone knows different?
Nice girl
Love this video of a super girl tied to a bench:
Naked in a shop window
I never find the mannekins very convincing, so why not use real people?
Traditional Russian dancing
Naked in public
I love NIP clips, but why do they always do it when it’s so cold?