Very many of the on-line stores selling fetish gear are having January sales. It’s possible these may disappear soon as Valentine’s Day approaches. I am told that sexy underwear is one item traditionally given by men to women on this day, along with flowers, chocolates, perfume and sparkly things.

I guess one source for sexy lingerie is Anne Summers. This is a shop that seems to have been around as long as I have. It always seems to me like the Woolworth’s of sex shops. People have pointed things out to me in the past and asked, what do you think of that? The items in question have always looked poor quality and expensive.

I have pointed my friends to more serious, specialist stores. To me, there’s no point in buying a vibrator that breaks after five minutes when you get get something more serious and heavy duty at little extra cost.

We quite like Sh!, though their service is a bit erratic, Honour, Uber Kinky, Expectations