The law
Laws are changing regarding on-line pornography on sites. If you provide pornography to people in the UK on a commercial basis (ie for money) then you have [...]
Mademoiselle Ilo
It is always nice to find new (to us) manufacturers of latex stuff. There is nothing very radical here, but it looks nice.
Looks like this site has finally died.
Who wouldn’t want a latex maid?
Did you know that this site has a discussion forum? We would love you to contribute…
Deep throat
There is a fairly well known trick for swallowing balloons, but this looks real:
In a world where fetish community sites come and go rapidly, FetLife has been around longer than many:
A thing for rubber
We will happily include a link to any fetish site and love finding new sites we have not seen before, like this:
Dick flash
Apparently some of our readers enjoy this site:
Here’s a link to a fairly active fetish forum: