Mademoiselle Ilo
It is always nice to find new (to us) manufacturers of latex stuff. There is nothing very radical here, but it looks nice.
Looks like this site has finally died.
Who wouldn’t want a latex maid?
Vac bed
I have never tried a vacuum bed, but would love to. This lady seems to not like it very much:
Latex fetish
There used to be a lot of companies selling latex clothing, and many community sites catering to latex fans’ needs. They do seem to be disappearing, [...]
One of the longest established sites about latex and rubber is the IAR. They are still on the go, though quiet compared with former glories. [...]
Russian latex
I am not sure about this site, but there are some interesting pictures:
Christmas is nearly here and St Valentine’s Day will be here soon. We are sure your partner, or you, would like some new latex clothing. We always [...]
Chat room
The RubberPal chat room has been out of order for a long time now. We have ou own which is always available: [...]
We have been members of the RubberPal site since virtually day one. The site has endured and has thousands of registered users, some of whom are actually [...]