I have been looking at interesting collars recently, preferably ones you can lock. Here are a few interesting, we hope, links:


Wyred Slave:

Nice, thick, solid collars but very slow service, despite what their guestbook says.

BDSM Steel Collar Single Ring Locking-1

Black Market Chicago:

Interesting range of handmade items. Waiting to see what the quality is like.


Blue Angel Collars:

Interesting selection. Great clear pvc items.


BDSM Gear:

Nice lightweight aluminium collars.


Puppy cages

We always like to share sites that you may not have heard of. Here’s one we like:

They sell an interesting range of equipment, including home made chains and shackles.


Our experience is that they are quick, inexpensive and high quality. We love their collars, and the lockable penis devices.