See through
I loved the Avengers, especially Miss Thorson:
Naked Attraction
Just a reminder to UK viewers that the new series of Naked Attraction starts tonight. Channel 4. Watch in HD.
We don’t normally like magic but this is worth watching to the end.
It was great to see Eurotrash back on our screens tonight after something like a 10 year absence. It was always compulsory viewing. Highlight of tonight [...]
Eurovison is coming soon. We like it, especially for some of the costumes they wear. Here is an old entry:
Maybe it’s not latex, but there are some sexy dresses on display here.
Jenny Scordamaglia
Our favourite tv presenter:
There was a small amount on controversy in the UK last week about a tv programme on sex education in schools. To be honest, there was less controversy than [...]
Big Brother
We have decided to start watching Big Brother in the UK, now that self-confessed fetish model and dominatrix Harry Amelia Martin has joined. She has [...]
Eurovision time
It’s Eurovision time. There are usually some performers who did into the pvc or latex pool. This year, Portugal is giving it a shot: Poland have also [...]